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Working with Dreams and Images

The Wishing concept literally means imagining a target with thoughts along the lines… ‘I wish I could’… Such thought processes can be used in day to day situation, i.e.

‘I wish I could convince my manager my deadlines are unrealistic !’ could be rethought as: ‘I wish I could re prioritise my work to reduce the pressure on myself’

Active wishing may start with a unusual/frivolous wish which is worth exploring to uncover its deeper routed message.

  • Try to visualise something you aspire
  • Question why/what will it do for you, letting the vision alter if need be
  • Repeat this as often a you feel necessary until the true wish you desire is fully revealed
  • Drive this clearer vision into the distance (‘zoom out’)
  • Begin walking towards it
  • You may now feel more able and better aware on how to get to that distant desire