Why didn't I think of that

Why didn't I think of that? - Book Cover

Why didn't I think of that?: Think the Unthinkable and Achieve Creative Greatness by Charles W. McCoy, Jr. is slightly different from many of the books I have read on the topic of Creativity, and creative thinking.

Charles McCoy is a Judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court, rather than a "traditional expert" or consultant in creative thinking, and as such approaches the topic of how to think from a viewpoint of thinking perceptively, deliberately, systematically and empathetically. Whilst you should listen to your inner voice, you should also look in more detail before you leap to any conculsions. Throuought all of this, of course, he also talks about controlling the quality of your thinking.

The book contains many examples, and exercises.

Overall, a very enjoyable and interesting book - with lots of pointers to get you thinking.

ISBN 0735202575