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Why? etc. - repeatable questions

Repeating questions over and over generates as much or as little information as the quantity and type of questions demand. Differentiation between the 2 types of repeatable question gives serial questions, used indefinitely and emptying questions used until the subject concerned is drained.


  • Where the question and answers are related, you ask why C happened and the answer is related to another event B and so the same question can be reiterated, i.e.
    • WHY did C happen, because B did
    • WHY did B happen, because A did
    • WHY did A happen, because (etc…..)
  • Causation,
    • 'WHY?’ Encompasses:
    • ‘What is the reason for?’
    • ‘What is the cause of?’
    • ‘What is the consequence of?’
    • (See also Causal Mapping)
  • Membership
    • ‘What are the parts of?’
    • ‘What is this a part of?’
    • ‘What belongs to it?’
    • Parts could include sub-categories, or they could belong to a wider system (see Hierarchy diagrams)
  • Sequence,
    • ‘What happened before and after C?’ exploration of the timing behind the events
  • Frame,
    • 'What is the context of C?’
    • ‘What is the context of that context?’
    • This idea suggests a multi-layered hierarchy of one event dependant on another

Emptying Questions

  • Unlike the Serial questions above, these are not infinitely repeatable. A group of questions are considered until they exhausted, i.e.
    • Who else went to X? Sue
    • And who else? Phil
    • And who else? No-one (category exhausted)

The most frequently asked questions containing ‘else’ (‘Why else?’..’What else?’..’Where else?’ etc.) .