Visualising a Goal

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Once you have acknowledged a goal, others energetically and enthusiastically endorse commitment to the goal.

  • Set your goal by settling on the aim, target, reason etc. This can be related to job, relationships, home, happier state of mind etc.
  • Generate a concise idea or picture, of the situation exactly as you would like it, thinking of it in the present tense as already in existence. Incorporate as much detail as your imagination allows.
  • Concentrate on it regularly, making it part of your daily routine and a natural thought rather than one that uses up unreasonable levels of effort.
  • Make it a positive, and encouraging thought. Think strong positive definitions of achieving the goal. Dispelling any doubts.
  • Pursue the goal, until it is achieved or you no longer wish to continue its pursuit, or indeed the goal alters in your mind.
  • Once goal has been attained, make clear admission, pat yourself on the back and move onto the next goal.