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Thril - Three Fold Repetition of Initial Letter

Thril is one of a number of techniques by Prof. Francisco Gomes de Matos from Recife, Brazil in his work on Peace Linquistics.

The alliterations below have been selected from a list presented in a lecture given in English to students of International Relations at a College in Recife, Brazil - Faculdade Integrada do Recife. The first word in each alliteration was left blank during the lecture, so as to challenge participants.

A A A - Aim at affinity and alliance
B B B - Build a bridge between nations
C C C - Consider conflicts constructively
D D D - Dignify your diplomatic discourse
E E E - Encourage empathy enthusiastically
F F F - Favor flexibility and friendship
G G G - Generate goodness and generosity
H H H - Honor humanity and humaneness
I I I - Inspire for integration and interdependence
J J J - Judge with justice and justification
K K K - Keep a Peace kit for keeps
L L L - Let liberty be the light
M M M - Maximize mediation and meditation
N N N - Nurture national negotiating styles
O O O - Observe opponents with openness
P P P - Perceive persons as peacepartners
Q Q Q - Question quixotic queries
R R R - Recommend realistic reconciliation
S S S - Support and sustain human solidarity
T T T - Treat others with tact and tolerance
U U U - Upgrade universal feelings of unity
V V V- Veto all varieties of violence
W W W - Weigh your words wisely
X X X - X-in diversity and X-out xenophobia
Y Y Y - Yearn for peace in all yards
Z Z Z - Zero in on peace zealously as the zenith

The technique capitalizes on the principle of M M M , Memorable Meaning-Makin, that is, in creating a Thril, the human mind is challenged to generate a meaningful, memorable message.

A variant of it : THRILing definitions, crafted according to the same strategy: e.g. threefold repetition of initial letter. Some examples of M M M definitions :

  • What is Mnemonics ? Marvel for memory management
  • What is Peace ? Marvel for meditation and mediation
  • What is Language ? Marvel for meaning-making

Meaningfulness and memorability are maximized through the Thril technique and variants thereof. Prof. Francisco Gomes de Matos would like to know if anybody has been experimenting with such mental meaning-making marvels.