Three Men at a Hotel

Hercules, Santa Claus and Prince Charming enter a hotel and pay the confused manager $30 for a room($10 for each man). Later, the manager realises he has overcharged them and gives $5 to the bellboy to return to the men. As the bellboy walks up the stairs of the surprisingly cheap hotel, he ponders that the $5 note won't easily divide by three between the men and definately doesn't wish to start some money fight between such important people. When he knocks on their door he ends up handing them just $3 in coins, keeping $2 on the sly.

The men have now paid $27 for the room and the bellboy has $2. Where is the final dollar?

Caution: Many people say "there is no missing dollar" - but unless you can explain why, without confusing yourself, your answer should be considered wrong.