Think Better

Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking - Book Cover

Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking by Tim Hurson is a guide to productive thinking (a.k.a. creativity) that includes topics like:

  • the three major barriers to productive thinking
  • "kaizen" vs "tenkaizen" (incremental vs. revolutionary change)
  • the importance of separating your thinking (diverge/converge)

It also includes a comprehensive description of Hurson's six-step Productive Thinking Model. In each of these chapters he explains in, giving examples and including real-life stories about how they can be applied.

Step 1: What's Going On? - truly understanding the issue or challenge, and avoiding the "great answer - wrong question" trap.

Step 2: What's Success? - visioning, using active imagination to create clear, measurable goals and success criteria

Step 3: What's the Question? - framing the challenge in question form

Step 4: Generate Answers - using techniques like brainstorming to generate a range of solution ideas to choose from

Step 5: Forge the Solution - uses a technique called "POWER" to develop a chosen idea into a the robust solution

Step 6: Align Resources - developing the solution into a workable plan, with timelines, milestones, people involved, resources needed

ISBN 0071494936