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Talking Pictures is from the book Instant Creativity by Brian Clegg and Paul Birch.

When you need a little extra boost for a group that have got a little stale during the Idea Generation phase, split up into teams, giving each a digital camera and access to a printer (you could use a polaroid, or provide a set of bizarre photgraphs you have, but it's best to get the teams to capture them).

Get the teams to spend about 5 minutes outside of the immediate area, taking pictures of either unusual objects, or objects from unusual angles. The more bizarre the better.

Bring the groups back together and distribute their pictures to the other groups.

Each group should now use the pictures provided to create associations that occur to them and then use these associations for idea generation. At the end of the session you can either collect all of the ideas together by writing them onto flipcharts or you can ask the groups to have listed their own and have these displayed for general perusal.

This techniques uses Random Stimuli as an Excursion with the advantage of a challenge / competition thrown in. The humour generated from the unusual objects / angles also raises the energy levels of the group, along with the fact that they have been up and moving about.