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TRIZ is a Russian acronym for "Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch" (Теория решения изобретательских задач),

and is the creation of a Russian called Genrich Altshuller. It is an attempt to improve on a random approach to innovation and invention by structuring the creativity in paths which have been shown to yield results. Often it can be shown that the solution to a problem was obvious, if the techniques of other domains was known - in many cases the same basic approach is used time and time again. It is also possible to classify problems and solutions into groups, and to simply examine a predefined list of possible solutions to that particular type of problem.

The TRIZ approach encompasses a number of different tools and techniques for specific domains, including 40 inventive principles and contradiction tables;

  1. Segmentation
  2. Extraction
  3. Local Quality
  4. Asymmetry
  5. Combination
  6. Universality
  7. Nesting
  8. Counterweight
  9. Prior Counteraction
  10. Prior Action
  11. Cushion in Advance
  12. Equipotentiality
  13. Inversion
  14. Spheroidality
  15. Dynamicity
  16. Partial, overdone or excessive action
  17. Moving to a new dimension
  18. Mechanical vibration
  19. Periodic action
  20. Continuity of useful action
  21. Rushing through
  22. Convert harm into benefit
  23. Feedback
  24. Mediator
  25. Self-service
  26. Copying
  27. Inexpensive short life
  28. Replacement of a mechanical system
  29. Use pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  30. Flexible film or thin membranes
  31. Use of porous materials
  32. Changing the colour
  33. Homogeneity
  34. Rejecting and regenerating parts
  35. Transforming physical or chemical states
  36. Phase transition
  37. Thermal expansion
  38. Use strong oxidisers
  39. Inert environment
  40. Composite materials

Some of these have been touched on here, but a full understanding of TRIZ requires much more study and information than can be presented. If you are interested, it is possible to find several books on TRIZ, and a number of sites on the Internet specialise on developments in the TRIZ field.

see also ARIZ

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Commercial TRIZ software

Two philosophically different software packages exist today to reduce the time needed to solve innovative problems successfully. One has been developed by Valery Tsourikov of The Invention Machine in Boston, Massachusetts, and the other by Zlotin and Zusman for Ideation International in Southfield, Michigan. Source