A to Z of
Creativity Techniques
Successive Element Integration

This method is primarily used for ‘new-product’ development. The ‘new-product’ status often justifies an increased level of expenditure. Clusters of consumers from a specific market area meet to determine the needs and inclination of their market area. The cluster should meet the following 3 criteria

  • Representativeness, as a focal group, the individuals should be representative of their particular market area i.e. ‘general domestic consumers’, or client-organisation personnel’ etc.
  • Demonstrable Creativity, all individuals selected should be demonstrably creative – i.e. score well on creativity tests (or similar) or be reputed for imaginative thinking.
  • Training in a Suitable Method, each individual should have some background in creative problem solving

This ‘super-group’ then generates ideas based on the Creative problem solving - CPS method. It is the chosen individuals in the group, their background training and skills that characterise this distinctive approach and not the actual procedure used.