Successive Element Integration

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Successive Element Integration generates solutions by gradually developing all ideas into lists of ideas – a form of constructive evaluation, allowing every idea a value (see also Receptivity to Ideas)
  • A group of approximately 6 individually jot down their own list of ideas for solving a specific problem
  • Two members of each group read out one of their ideas, the remaining members try to integrate the two offered ideas into a third idea (this is added to the overall list)
  • A third member of the group offers an idea, which is integrated by the other members of the group with the previous ideas to create a fourth idea. This stage is repeated until all ideas are exhausted and detailed on the overall list.
  • Overall, this is a good method for generating ideas
  • In the latter stages of idea generating, the ‘best of ideas’ can be integrated with each other to create a list of exceptional ideas

The advantages of this method are

  • The skill of building upon other peoples ideas
  • Encourages constructive convergence
  • Ensures all ideas are carefully considered