Strategic Management Process

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This is a six-stage process, run in-house usually by a Strategic Management Group. It is supported by various consultants and accessible to external stakeholders. A useful method for public and voluntary organizations

  1. Historical context, examination of previous trends and the emergence of a future vision for the way ahead
  2. Situational Assessment, blame free SWOT Analysis of the present situation
  3. Strategic Issue Agenda, identify issues from points 1 and 2 above and acknowledge the relationships that exist between points 4-7
  4. Strategic Options, define as many positive solutions to meet the SWOT analysis and future vision. Define strategies, and outline costs, feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness.
  5. Feasibility Assessment, a selection of strategies is examined through Stakeholder Analysis and Resource Analysis.
  6. Implementation, to evaluate the stakeholders’ predictions, a serious of evaluation programmes are devised.

Within each stage above, 3 basic steps are followed

  • Search, for ideas and information
  • Synthesis, observation of patterns, trends
  • Selection, determine priorities for action

Within these 3 basic steps, 4 alternative criteria are used to assist using the best technique

  • Quality
  • Acceptance
  • Innovation
  • Preservation