Strategic Assumption Testing

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Strategic Choice Approach
Strategic Assumption Testing examines other people’s opinions and assumptions to ensure they are consistent.

Stakeholder Identification, list those involved as stakeholders. If in groups, each group should make their own list privately and then collate.

Identify Factions, if necessary group stakeholders into factions, ‘points of view’ or ‘interests’.

Group Formation, establish one or more working groups from the ‘sub-groups’ (steps 4 – 7).

Assumption Surfacing, in each sub-group, discuss each stakeholders reasons (assumptions) and prioritise them.

Assumption Testing, members of the sub-groups debate if these assumptions were reversed and it made no difference should we ignore it.

Assumption Ranking, member of the sub-group rank their assumptions:

  • Effect if the assumption occurred
  • Possibility of it occurring

Results are exhibited as a 2 x 2 matrix of High/Low potential versus Likely/Unlikely occurrence.

Action Planning, members of the sub groups analyse the 2 x 2 matrix and its possible consequences.

Inter-Group Debate, each sub group puts forward their 2 x 2 matrix and plan, this generates an open debate. Issues are identified and fundamental assumptions are challenged. Ultimately a common ground is sought.