Sticking Dots

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A popular, quick method for determining priorities by voting.

  • Ideas are itemised clearly on a flip chart (or similar aid).
  • Nameless voting tends to work best.
  • Give each group a different coloured set of dots, i.e. group A have red dots.
  • Give each indicidual or group a number of dots (say 10 each)
  • Allow the group time to deliberate over the ideas they wish to vote for.
  • Once all the groups are ready, one person from the group sticks their dots by their preferred top ideas.
  • In some variations, there is no maximum number of votes an individual / group cn give to one idea.
  • Once all the dots are placed, all the groups enter into a discussion on any patterns, and general observations.
  • A short-list of the top 5 is made

This is not a deeply analytic method, but a short, sharp measure of the current thinking of the task in hand