Soft Systems Method

A to Z of
Creativity Techniques
Snowball Technique
Stakeholder Analysis
  1. Rich Picture - Create a rich picture of the environment, from different viewpoints, in an unstructured way.
  2. Identify thematic issues - Identify the general themes that appear from the rich picture.
  3. Relevant Systems - Select one issue / theme, and name it.
  4. Root Definitions - use CATWOE or similar to define the core of the system
  5. Conceptual models - create a model of what is needed by the system (not how it does it).
  6. Comparison - Compare the conceptual model (5) with the themes (2) and determine what is done well, badly etc.
  7. Agenda for Debate - use the information from the comparison (6) to write the agenda.
  8. Debate - debate the desirable / feasible changes proposed.
  9. Implement - Implement the changes agreed.