Robert Alan Black

Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., known as Alan, Dr. I. L. Creativity, the Creativity Wizard and the Viz Whiz is a creative thinking consultant and professsional speaker. His passion is the of Creative Thinking in workplaces around the world. Since 1984 he has been a full-time consultant working with business, industry, finance, education and governmental clients.

Since 1962 he has been either creating or teaching/training others how to increase their creative thinking abilities and skills. Prior to working as a consultant he was a licensed architect, interior designer, graphics/signage designer, cartoonist, freelance writer and television writer. From 1980 to 1984 he was an art and environmental design professor. In 1984 he began his full-time consulting practice.

His formal education consists of a Ph.D. in Creativity, a Masters in Guidance and Counseling focusing on creative and talented people, a Masters in Art with dual majors in Visual Communication and Interior Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Added to that has been extensive workshop training in creative thinking and problem solving, leading, communicating, teaming and training creatively.

He is an active member in the Creative Education Foundation, American Creativity Association, National Speakers Association, Georgia Speakers Association, National Storytelling Membership Association and the Southern Order of Storytellers.

Alan is the author of Broken Crayons