Personal Brilliance


Personal Brilliance by Jim Canterucci arrived on a Saturday morning. I had a few other things planned for the day, but thought I'd take the book with me, and find some time to read part of it. I'm very pleased I did. Within 24 hours, I was posting a review here.

The book is not about creativity, although as Jim states, it is a pre-requisite for personal brilliance. This book is about personal innovation - the practical application of turning creativity into something that has an impact.

Jim takes you through the four key areas that you can improve to develop your personal innovation (or pesonal brilliance as Jim calls it). These are Awareness, Curiosity, Focus and Initiative. Each of these four areas is talked about in detail, with examples to help you improve and amplify your awareness, heighten your curiosity, expand your focus and intensify your initiative.

ISBN 0814408389