Our Services

Creativity and Innovation Services

Mycoted is a small UK company which offers a range of services to assist in creativity and innovation.

Facilitate creative sessions to generate new ideas

With trained and experienced facilitators we can run creativity sessions at your location to find solutions to your problems. All solutions generated will be yours.


Experienced trainers, who regularly use creativity techniques, can run courses at your location, tailored to your requirements. Courses we have run include;

  • 2 day introduction to creative problem solving
  • 3 day introduction to creativity and innovation
  • 5 day facilitators course in Creativity and Innovation in Science and Technology.

For details & your requirements, please see our pages on Training in Creativity and Innovation or contact us at info@mycoted.com.

Generate the ideas for you

With access to scientists of disciplines from Acoustics to Zoology, we can organise a creativity session including experts and none experts to come up with ideas & solutions for your problems, all at a realistic cost.

Help refine the ideas to provide the right solution for you

As Albert Einstein said "If at first, the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it". Most ideas are not ideal final solutions in the early stages, and can easily be killed off unless nurtured and modified as they grow. With our experience in Creativity and Innovation we can help refine ideas to find the right solution for you.

Help implement that innovative solution

Once the ideas have been obtained, it is only part of the story, the solutions must be implemented. With experienced Project Management skills and our knowledge of innovation processes, we can make sure that your solutions are implemented quickly and efficiently.