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Creativity Techniques
Nominal-Interacting Technique
Observer and Merged Viewpoints

An ‘ideas diary’ kept in a convenient, small and portable notebook gives you the benefits of brainstorming whilst on the move.

Keep an ideas notebook, which is small enough to be portable wherever you go. Routinely note down any ideas that transpire at unusual times, regardless of their relevance.

Using idea notebooks at stimulating events, i.e. training workshops, conferences, etc. can ‘trigger’ ideas for a problem that you are trying to resolve. Keep the problem ‘alive’ at the back of your mind throughout the event, you may even have an opportunity to ‘bounce’ your ideas off others attending.

Display output for a few days – A ‘Poster Notebook’, in the form of drawings, lists of ideas, or construction when displayed could benefit from other viewing it. Left on display for several days (e.g. stuck on a notice board) allows others to come up with alternative ideas, which are then open to discussion.

The Moleskine is one of the most popular makes of notebook among creative thinkers who have a passion for stationery.

See also: moleskinerie.