Nominal-Interacting Technique

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Nominal Group Technique

The Nominal-Interacting Technique is so called as it alternates between ‘nominal’ and ‘interacting’ modes. The ‘nominal’ mode allows individual perspectives on the problem to be shared. Refreshment breaks occur at appropriate times, i.e. when discussion between participants is relevant and helpful. Participants are encouraged to share opinions, exchange facts and challenge views, in contrast with the non-interactive ‘nominal group’ mode.

Example based on a Nominal Group Technique (NGT) structure may look like this:

  • Outline the problem
  • Private, contemplation of ideas
  • Round-robin collation and displaying of ideas
    • Break (where differences of opinions are identified)
  • Whole group discusses the displayed ideas
    • Break (differences of opinion readdressed)
  • First attempt at prioritising ideas
    • Break (final differences of opinion within the group are addressed)
  • Final prioritisation of ideas
  • Votes are confidential, however individuals can request one another’s ranking and its justification