Keeping a Dream Diary

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To experience creative dreaming it is essential to come into better contact with your dreams. Psychologists have revealed that each of us dreams every night. However and unfortunately most of our dreams are forgotten. Thus, keeping a dream diary is helping in retaining the information longer. The building of the dream diary will demonstrate over a period of time, that you recall more and more of your dreams by being more aware of them. Regular discussion of your dreams and diaries will also help in understanding them, any themes running through them and unconscious ideas.

  1. Before falling asleep, go over the following several times: ‘Tonight I dream; when I awake I will remember my dreams’
  2. On awakening in the morning, lie quietly, do not open your eyes, and let you mind dwell on your initial thoughts. These initial thoughts could remind you of your last dream prior to awakening and with practice allow you to remember more and more of the dreams details.
  3. A notebook is essential alongside your bed, to record a diary of your dreams. You could try sketching your dreams or use a tape-recorder to record middle of the night dreams. The following morning these tapes could be translated into the dream diary.
  4. Essential, keep the daily diary, try not to miss days out.