Instant Creativity

Cover instant creativity.jpg

Instant Creativity is one of the Instant Series of books by Brian Clegg. As with several of the other books in the series it's coauthored by Paul Birch. This book is a wonderful goldmine of different creativity techniques / excercises. It is not an academic book, but a practical guide that makes you feel you have instantly delved into the years of experience of the authors. Talking Pictures is an example of one of the techniques from the book. The book offers over 70 simple, proven techniques that will help you to find fresh ideas and solutions, whether you are stuck in the early stages of idea generation or faced with too many ideas and need to refine and filter them.

Another great part of the book, is the "Selector" which has the techniques ranked in many different ways;

  • How long they take
  • How much Expertise / training you need
  • Stage (e.g. Idea Generation)
  • How much fun they are.

Overall, it's an easy-to-use emergency kit, for whenever you need to make the most of your, or a groups, creativity.