Instant Brainstorming

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Instant Brainstorming is one of the Instant Series of books by Brian Clegg.

Brainstorming – having a group session to generate new ideas – is a common enough exercise in business. In fact, the chances are there’s one going on somewhere near you right now. Unfortunately it’s probably not a very good brainstorm. Everyone does them – hardly anyone knows how to do them well. This book, written by one of the UK’s top experts in business creativity, will help you get brainstorming right, and get real value out of the exercise.

One problem that affects us all, is that you just don’t have time to study a great tome to deal with something as everyday as brainstorming. It has to be quick, and it has to be now.

Unlike many of the other books in the Instant series, which are designed to provide a resource kit of techniques, Instant Brainstorming is here to lead you as quickly as possible through a single process. Because of that it is kept as short and focussed as possible. There is a little information on creativity at the end of the book, but that is an optional extra. The important thing is to get value out of your brainstorming.