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There are two implementation checklists presented here, the first by VanGundy and the 2nd by Isaksen, Dorval and Treffinger. Each has subtle differences in their perspectives.

Implementation Checklist 1 ( VanGundy, 1988)

  • Resources are the resources (time, personnel, equipment, money, information) sufficient for executing this idea?
  • Motivation, are there others with equal motivation and commitment required for successful implementation?
  • Resistance, is the idea likely to come across any ‘closed thinking’ and/or resistance to change in general?
  • Procedures, are there any procedural complications to get over
  • Structures, are there any structural obstacles to surmount (e.g. bad communication channels)?
  • Policies, What official/unofficial policies need to be overcome?
  • Risk, will risk taking be tolerated by those responsible for implementation and if so to what level?
  • Power, do any power struggles exist relating to the idea that might obstruct implementation?
  • Clashes, are there any clashes of personalities that may hinder advancement in the implementation?
  • Climate, is the organisational environment one of teamwork and co-operation or suspicion and distrust?

Implementation checklist 2 (Isaken, Dorval and Treffinger, 1994)

  • Relative advantage
    • Will the plan obviously progress what is currently in place?
    • What are the advantages/benefits in accommodating it?
    • Who will gain from it?
    • How will implementing it reward others or me?
    • How can you promote its benefits to all?
  • Compatibility
    • Is it consistent with current practice/thinking?
    • Can it be demonstrated to meet a particular groups requirement?
    • Is it a better course of action to an existing shared goal
    • What group(s) would support it, its objectives and actions?
    • Can it be named/put together more constructively
  • Complexity
    • Is it straightforward to understand?
    • Can it be clearly translated to different people?
    • Does it take long to communicate to others?
    • How might it be illuminated, made simpler, easier to understand?
    • Can I demonstrate the new idea/object effortlessly?
  • Trialability
    • How can you reduce ambiguity concerning the ideas new elements?
    • How can the adopter try out section, before deciding to use it all?
    • How can you persuade adopters to try part of it?
    • Should it require full adoption, but partial trials are insisted upon, what then?
    • How can you alter it to make it more simplistic for trial?
  • Observability
    • How easy is it for an adopter to locate/acquire it? Is it visible?
    • Can it be made more visible? How?
    • Is it possible to make it easier to understand?
    • Can it be better communicated?
    • Are there reasons for not making it visible now?
  • Other questions to help gain acceptance for you Plan
    • What other resources could help? How best to use them?
    • What important obstructions are there? How can they be surmounted?
    • How to deal with challenges/opportunities it creates?
    • What might initiate action? … and the next steps?
    • How to build feedback into it to allow for potential improvements?