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Ideal Final Result (IFR) is an description of the best possible solution for the problem situation (or contradiction), regardless of the resources or constraints of the original problem. IFR is one of the basics terms in TRIZ, a problem solving methodology.

Well defined IFR helps problem solver to overcome psychological inertia and reach breakthrough solutions by thinking about the solution in terms of functions, not the intervening problems or needed resources. It focuses on functions needed, not the current process or equipment.

The idea of formulating the IFR is to clearly define the goal of improvement and eliminate rework (solve the right problem from the same beginning!).

A basic concept of TRIZ is that systems evolve towards increased ideality (functionality), where the extreme result of this evolution is the Ideal Final Result:

  • It has all the benefits,
  • none of the harm, and
  • none of the costs of the original problem.

The ideal system is pure function, because:

  • occupies no space,
  • has no weight,
  • requires no labor,
  • requires no maintenance,
  • delivers benefit without harm.

The Ideal Final Result also is step in ARIZ.