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The Help, hinder method is a fairly simplistic procedure and comparable to Bullet Proofing, Potential Problem Analysis, Negative Brainstorming, and Stakeholder Analysis.

  • A participant from each group identifies a few people (‘Who/’) and things (‘What?’) that they feel might help and hinder the client implementing his plan and note these on a table like the one below. It is essential that you pay attention to the hindrances.
Helps Hinders
Analysing the context



Action planning




  • The client can then emphasise what they feel are the most crucial factors ‘helping’ or ‘hindering’ their plan. It is possible that items may occur on both sides, e.g. a senior may be helpful if on your side, but a serious hindrance if otherwise.
  • The group now concentrate on how to enable the client to take on the support of the key ‘helping’ people and things. More importantly come up with ways to get round those that will ‘hinder’ and are liable to prevent the scheme achieving completion.
  • The group are now in a position to outline a specific plan (keeping number 4 in mind), indicating dates and times allocated to each sequence in the plan.
  • Finally the group reveal the plan to the client, to check if it is satisfactory and if the client will commit to it. If not, the group is required to identify the aspects they have omitted, and need to the take the problem-solving process through a further series of cycles.