Disney Creativity Strategy

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Creativity Techniques
Dimensional Analysis

This technique was developed by Robert Dilts, a pioneer in NLP, by looking at the way Walt Disney was so successful at turning fantasies into reality.

The strategy separates out the three vital roles in the process;


This is the visionary big picture is produced. With no boundaries, limitations or restraint. The dreamer position typically uses the visual representation. Ask yourself "What do I really want, in an ideal world"


This is where the plans are organised, and evaluated to determine what is realistic. Think constructively and devise an action plan. Establish time frames and milestones for progress. Make sure it can be initiated and maintained by the appropriate person or group. Ask Yourself "What will I do to make these plans a reality?"


This is where you test the plan, look for problems, difficulties and unintended consequences. Think of what could go wrong, what is missing, what the spins-offs will be. Remember that a critic is someone who should evaluate - not just point out what is wrong. Ask yourself "What could go wrong?"

See Robert Dilts (1994) and his book Strategies of Genius