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Causal Mapping

Preparation - Place a piece of paper in Landscape mode (it can be A4 - but A3 or A2 is better). Split it into 6 boxes, and number them 1 to 6.

Where are you going Relax, and imagine yourself at your goal. Think about the surroundings, the feelings at that point, the feelings of others, and how they see you. Freely draw an image to represent this in box 6 (bottom right corner)

Where are you now Return to the present day in your imagination. Agin, think of feelings, issues and what are the most dominant features of your current situation. Draw this in Box 1 (top left)

intermediate positions repeat the above for points 2,3,4,5 creating a sequence from now to the future.

Potential blocks Once you have finished drawing in all 6 boxes, and are happy that they portray (to you) a sequence of events to your desired future, write in each box what is the main potential block getting from that step to the next.