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The Creative Education Foundation presents the 54nd Annual Creative Problem Solving Institute

“The Nature of Inspiration”

June 22-27, 2008 Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA

Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) was founded by Alex Osborn, the inventor of brainstorming and Creative Problem Solving, co-founder of advertising firm BBDO, and the founder of Creative Education Foundation. The Creative Education Foundation is a non-profit membership organization of leaders in the field of creativity theory and practice. CEF is dedicated to helping people develop new products, make business operations run more profitably, restructure government agencies to become more effective and less encumbered, reinvigorate economies, make improvements in our schools, revitalize communities and replace old, ineffective methods and systems with new, more workable ones.

CPSI is attended by people from around the globe (23 countries were represented in 2005) and it is just as welcoming whether you are attending as a newcomer, or an expert. The diverse curriculum and events will help you develop your creative abilities and stretch your imagination to new heights! It is designed for hands-on learning enabling you to leave with the confidence and motivation to use proven Creative Problem Solving (CPS) skills to improve your community, your company and your world.

Overall CPSI is the international event where business leaders, educators, community leaders, students, government officials and many others learn how to become more creative, inventive, innovative and imaginative.

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