Bug Listing

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A bug list (Adams, Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas, 1987) is simply a list of things that bug you! It should be personal and illuminate specific areas of need. Adams recommends keeping it fluent and flexible, remembering humorous and far-out bugs as well as common ones. He suggests that if you run out of bugs in under ten minutes, you are either suffering from a perceptual or emotional block or have life unusually under control! It may well be the most specific thinking you have ever done about precisely what small details in life bother you; if properly done, your bug list should spark ideas in your mind for inventions, ideas, possible changes, etc.

Example bugs could be;

  • A program on TV
  • A piece of music
  • Those darn vermin by the tree outside
  • Beer that's served too cold
  • Offices that are too hot
  • Flavourless food
  • Food that has to much flavour enhancer
  • Etc.