Broken Crayons


Broken Crayons:Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines is a book by Robert Alan Black focused on helping the reader expand and enrich their creative thinking skills and train them how to help others do the same. Broken Crayons is written in a conversational tone, as if the author and reader are discussing each lesson and chapter throughout the book.

Broken Crayons begins with an analysis of the reader's creative traits and their style of creative thinking. It follows with chapters on how to maximize each.

After the focus on the reader is a discussion of various external and internal blocks of creativity and creativeness with several examples of how the reader can eliminate or move around them.

Then Broken Crayons provides several idea generating tools and a creative problem solving model with exercises to help the reader develop a working knowledge with each.

The final section of Broken Crayons focuses on how managers and leaders and parents as well can help develop the creative thinking of other people as a team leader.

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ISBN 0787201820

Second Edition ISBN 0966477006