7 Step Model

A to Z of
Creativity Techniques

This is a modified version of PDCA


  • The problem is that you must take a risk and convert your cash money in property of some production factors if you would like to look for something to make plus-values for your own.
  • Currently when you buy an object in order to purchase a plus-values the biggest problem is that you must put in your cash and keep a risk. This cash cannot serve your savings needs. This cash cannot serve your future needs.

But if you want to make plus-values can you do it in a cash basis (cash keeping) and risk free ?

  • Identify and verify the root causes Construct a cause & effect diagram, review and identify the root cause.
  • Yes, you can, but we must enlarge the Classical Economy. Here we will see the concept of a new action over the money, it means to date-value it, like if you spend it, like if you save it or like if you invest it.

And as this date-valuation action produces plus-values, the process is the first substitute of the investment. It must be one solution to the John-Maynard Keynes question to resolve crisis's causes.

Develop a solution and action plan Generate potential solutions, rank these and then generate the tasks to deliver the solution.Construct a details plan


  • Implement the solution Communicate the plan and review the plan regularly amongst all concerned.


  • Review and Evaluate Use the performance measures identified in step 2 to review and evaluate the results of the change


  • Reflect and act on what you have learnt Assess the problem solving process to obtain lessons learnt.Continue the improvement process where needed.