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Creativity and Innovation to solve your problems?

Creativity and innovation for solving problems and implementing solutions is Mycoted's specialty.

Creativity and innovation within the science and technology area is our focus, the techniques we use however, are equally applicable to other areas.

We can either help you use creativity and innovation techniques to come up with new ideas, or we can generate potential solutions for you. Once the potential solution has been found we can assist with turning that solution into reality.

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Are you interested in Creativity techniques?

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We have collected together a summary of many creativity techniques on our site to aid you in creativity and innovation - why not browse our techniques section.

Some of the creativity techniques, we have used a lot in problem solving exercises, others we have only tried out a couple of times. If you have experience of these techniques, or others, then please let us know so we can share that information at

Do you want to chat to others about Creativity Techniques? why not visit out Forum?


How can I be creative and innovative in the field of science & technology?

At first it may seem tricky for some people to mix the rigorous, structure world of some scientific disciplines, and the creative world. However, with an open mind it is relatively easy to start looking and thinking in a more creative way, which when put into the scientific world can provide exceptional results.

When you look at the growth in most areas of science and technology, you will find the main advances have been associated with creative thinking followed by innovation to turn those ideas into reality. The precise concepts of creativity and innovation we can support you with.


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Why is Creativity and Innovation important to me?

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Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of business success, or as Michael Porter (Harvard Business School) said it is "the central issue in economic prosperity". This is certainly true in the science and technology field.

The British Government White Paper on Science and Technology (1993), stated "Firms which are skilful at innovation, the successful exploitation of new ideas - will secure competitive advantage in rapidly changing world markets; those which are not will be overtaken"

We can;
  •  facilitate creative sessions to generate new ideas,
  •  provide training in creative problem solving, with a range of tools & techniques,
  •  provide training in innovation - how to turn those ideas into reality,
  •  generate the ideas for you,
  •  help refine the ideas to provide the right solution for you ,
  •  help implement that innovative solution,

Interested? You have a problem that you want solving? would you like innovative solutions to your problems? then please have a look round our pages (even though they aren't completed yet) or contact us at Mycoted.

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