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Question about puzzle

The question should mention whether man D can see man B's hat. Antonrojo 03:40, 1 June 2006 (GMT)

It does say in the puzzle "So A & B can only see their respective sides of the wall, C can see B, and D can see B & C" --Andy 08:39, 1 June 2006 (GMT)

The problem statement gives an impression that at random the 4 pick up their caps and wear it. Though the picture depicts the color of the caps worn by each of them, unless its mentioned in the pblm statement, one can simply assume that the picture just gives one possible combination.

So there is still a scope of enhancing that the pblm statement a bit, and make it more accurate.Am I right?

The answer is incorrect. None of the men have sufficient information to determine his own hat color. In order for C to come to the conclusion in the "answer" he would also have to know that D is able to see both C and B - which he cannot know, as D is behind him. For all C knows, D may be on the other side of the wall with A. For the "answer" to be true, the problem must state that all of the men know the configuration in which they were buried and the direction they face.